A big mahalo to all the volunteers and to everyone that helped make Art Maui 2020 happen!

Installation Designer

Joëlle C


Roberta & Tom Veatch, Mina & Tony MagallonThomas & Jan Willman, Dollye Pawloski, Shawn & Rosslyn Bernard, Gonzo McDonald and Mary Goodrich

Receiving and Give Back Day

Kate Eifler, Lynette Pradiga, Jane Thompson, Jan Market, Thomas & Jan Willman, Jim Powlan, Christine Turnbull, Becky Hamon, Ellen Friel, Gabriela Mahoney Angeles, Laurie Landa, Mina & Tony Magallon, Roberta Veatch and Dollye Pawloski

Exhibition Installation

Ted Loberg, Marry Ann Leigh, Jesus Terrazas and Cherie Attix

Juror Committee

Mina Magallon, Deborah Sitbon, Catherine A. Seemann, Shawn Wallace and Becky Harmon

Purchase Pledge Preview Event

Tim Garcia, Carl Yoshihara, Christine Turnbull, Jane Thompson, Cutting Edge Catering, Chambers & Chambers, Giovanni Steven Cappelli and Gibran Vicente

Artist's Reception

Karen Mooiweer, Jonah Thorndike, Cloud 9 Catering, Sibet Alspaugh, Shawan Wallace, Mina Magallone, Jan Maret Willman and Meghan Natividad


José Morales, Carl Yoshihara and Carrie DeMers

Print Publication and Graphic Design

Rachel Wildberger and Jennifer Stephens

Art Maui 2020 Website

Carl Yoshihara 

Gallery Sitting and Sales

Rosina Potter, Jane Thompson, Jennifer Stephens, Jim Powlan and Debbie VonTempsky 



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